Thursday, March 29, 2007

Do you know how hard it is to start a business?

Well, I do ... now.

After pestering my wife to go and make money, so she did ... create a business.

We have not got through the baby thing yet but if it is half as hard as starting up a business I give up right now! I suggest adopting instead - not that I know how much work is involved in adoption, hopefully I won't need it (ollaaa stop here, I saw that wink, I am not saying we are making babies here ok!).

Thanks to lot of persistence and hardwork, Hazel has finished with the gestation period. The baby business is out and looking rather healthy (see China's Secret Teas).

Although I was not involved with the actual physical work in great extend (however I did take quite a few pictures as any proper dad would, for instance check-out this close-up). I must say I was quite stress and a tad scared, this did put lot of stress on both of us and if you know me and you know how stress I am normally: it was not a good thing at all!

Still, we survived, bobbling along.

It is really hard to understand the amount of pain and suffering it has been though. You would be excused to think that being in UK the setup process would be nice and easy. I am French and in France it is so hard to create a business that nobody dares talking about it anymore (apparently it still appears in some history books), better have a strike or demonstration, it's far easier and much more fun.

In UK, would you believe, it's pretty bad too.

You have the local police - oh pardon I mean the local council - which seems to be paid to get in your way, then there is a certain body starting with a 'B' and an 'L' - supposedly here to help - which actually does not know a great deal about creating businesses as most of the staff are well trained salesmen trying to stuff you some half baked trainings.

But then there is some people that got in their mind, that lending money fairly cheaply to totally unknown strangers supposedly attempting to implement some wacky dream, is a great idea (Actually it is see down below). And there are also people who are willing to offer the most precious commodity in the world: their own time!

Thank you very much to all these generous people who decided to support businesses (including and most importantly my wife's business, oh by the way this is not a wacky business this one, let it grow, you will see). This is one of the most generous and important act you ever took.

Where would be England without all these people? I don't know. I am still trying to comprehend how France ended up in such a depressing state. You know that over there some people still see having a job for life as a birth of right (on what planet were you born you idiot, wake up, the world has moved on).

It makes me so sad to see what happens in France. But I am also proud and respectful of the courageous and adventurous English people attempting to create businesses. This is really hard, possibly nearly as hard as having a baby with twice as less chance to get any reward out of it but for god sake any penny counts go for it! This is our future!

It does not matter if you are a plumber, a secretary or the CEO of a Fortune 500. The only thing that matters: the pennies need to move from hand to hand in exchange of some sort of service or product so that the economy can survive. The faster, the better. Basic common sense.

Keep in mind that you - running these little businesses - are the life blood of the country, not these drama queens in London (or Paris for that matter) ... setting out to write the longest and most boring statement in the hope of buying their seat in history.

So, I am asking from a little hard worker man down the food chain to another one (or a head of a Fortune 500 ... that's ok too) go on China's Secret Teas buy us a little box of this lovely teas. It will pay back, it will pay for your healthcare, it will pay for your kids education (well in parts), it may provide your son a job (eventually when we have moved to a proper office) and it will improve your own health too.

At the end, Hazel has planted a tiny little fragile seed; you can help turning this little seed into a very big oak. Make a difference today, invest in your future or invest in Hazel, she deserves it.

Thank You Very Much

Marco supporting the little Tan - Weiersmuller family.

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