Monday, May 07, 2007

Who said French were not enterpreneurial!

Is there more people out there pushing the rocking French economy?

It is believed in England that France is a country of want-a-be "functionnaire" dreaming of high paid, guarantied jobs for life. Yeah, that is right, if you are English and want to create a business, you definitely don't think of France (maybe for retirement ;-)). In case you don't know, one of the favorite joke around here goes like this: "Guess why there is no translation for 'business' in French". Well I won't give you the answer, I am sure you found out already.

There is clearly a perception problem here. I worked a year and an half in ILOG - a very successful French IT business - and trust me they didn't get there by being lazy and expecting jobs for life. They are well connected, well educated and hard worker people who created a very successful business in an unhelpful and unhealthy business environment.

As we say in French I take my hat off to all these brave French businessmen and women working hard creating jobs and supporting the French economy. For instance, I was so glad to learn about Loic Le Meur success. He is involved in some of the sharpest new IT firms which I look forward as examples of what I want one day to create, build and manage.

Is there more people out there pushing the rocking French economy? Please come and make yourself known so that I can shut up all these people making fun of the French entrepreneurship.

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Wow france who would have thought..great blog...